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Welcome   to   our   2017   Trips   season.   We   have   the   full   complement   of   5   day   trips   for   you   this   year   thanks   to   Jan   Morgan, Heather Hayter, Gill Sadler, Sally and Doug Outram and Angela Armstrong who have all volunteered again. We   are   delighted   to   welcome   back   Annette   Wood   who   ran   a   wonderful   trip   for   us   back   in   2012   and   is   stepping   into   the breach left by Josette Fox who has family commitments this summer. Thank you, Josette for the super trip last summer to two stunning gardens in East Sussex. Bookings   for   April   May   and   June   are   being   taken   now   as   is   the   Away   Trip   to   the   lovely   gardens   of   Nottinghamshire.     Details below. August and September contacts and details will be in the April newsletter and on this website.  
Updated 12th October 2017
Angela Baldry 01243 372253 Away Trips Organiser and Day trips Co-ordinator
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HOW TO BOOK  1. Phone the Trips Organiser to check availability o (For the June trip Email is the preferred option. Only phone if you are not on email) 2 . Date your cheque for the DAY OF THE TRIP, payable to EHS. 3 . Send your cheque to the address in the Newsletter within a week of your booking to confirm it. If   outside   the   PO   10   area   and   you   are   NOT   on   email   then   please   send   a   SAE   approx.   9”   x   4”   which   is   for   the   Itinerary for the Day which you will receive 2 weeks before the Trip.   Do support the efforts the team makes to give you a wonderful day out at best possible price.
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