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This   year   we   start   in   March,   earlier   than   usual,   visiting   a   delightful   garden famous   for   its   amazing   collection   of   Hellebores,   organised   by   Angela Armstrong. The   rest   of   the   team,      Heather   Hayter,   Gill   Sadler,   Jan   Morgan,   Sally Outram      and   Annette   Wood   have   all   worked   hard   planning      a   wonderful day out for you all at cost price. Do support them.
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Angela Baldry 01243 372253 Away Trips Organiser and Day trips Co-ordinator Email: angel.b42@btinternet.com
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Casters   Brook,   Midhurst    –   In   the   morning   we   visit   Jean   and   Philip   Jackson’s   large,   informal   garden with   huge   pond   (and   one   duck)   and   see   some   of   the   internationally   renowned   artist   Philip   Jackson’s   sculptures in a garden setting. In    the    afternoon,    after    a    stop    for    lunch,    we    will    visit    Dean   House,   Kilmeston .     This    garden    was described   to   me   as   ‘the   jewel   in   the   NGS   crown’   by   the   NGS   organiser   for   our   county.   The   7   acres   have also   been   described   as   ‘a   well-kept   secret   hidden   behind   the   elegant   façade   of   its   Georgian   centrepiece’. Sweeping   lawns,   York   stone   paths,   gravel   pathways,   many   mature   trees   and   herbaceous   borders.   Rose garden,   pond   garden,   working   walled   garden   with   glasshouses,   60   metre   laburnum   and   wisteria   tunnel. We   will   be   met   and   guided   to   the   Orangery   for   a   talk,   slideshow   and   introduction   to   the   garden.   With   maps provided,   we   make   a   self-guided   tour   at   our   leisure,   after   which   time   we   return   to   the   Orangery   for   a ‘sumptuous’ tea where the gardeners will be present to answer any questions we may have. A wonderful day out for the cost of £32 to include the driver’s tip.   Please contact Annette Wood on  01243 378482   or by email at annettelizwood@gmail.com  to book your place.   If   this   is   confirmed,   please   send   a   cheque   to   7   Beacon   Square      Emsworth   PO10   7HU   for   £32    made   out   to E.H.S    and   dated   July   18 th    2018 .   Please   also   include   your   mobile   phone   number    and   email   address    if possible. You will be sent an itinerary for the day approximately a fortnight before the trip.
A Visit to 2 very Special Gardens – July 18 th  2018 - £32
Please Note: These events are organised for the benefit of EHS members. If you want to participate, why not join EHS, its only £7 per annum for the household
EHS TRIP to OXFORD on Tuesday, 4th September 2018
We   have   arranged   to   visit   Willows,   at   Boldre   near   Lymington.   This   is   a   country   garden   with   a   tropical   twist. It   is   full   of   vibrant   colours   of   dahlias,   zinnias,   cannas,   crocosmias,   etc.   as   well   as   exotic   plants   such   as bananas,   bamboos,   Indian   bean   tree,   etc.   set   in   deep   borders   surrounding   a   lawn.      Back   of   the   garden   are drought   tolerant   plants   with   tranquil   courtyards   where   we   will   enjoy   tea   and   cake.   After   lunch   in   Lymington we   are   going   to   Apple   Court   Garden.      This   is   a   beautiful   ornamental   sheltered   wall   garden   with   subtropical borders   and   extensive   ornamental   grasses.   There   is   a   70   metre   hosta   walk,   international   display   of   day lilies   and   a   Japanese   garden   with   a   koi   pond.   This   garden   is   now   under   new   ownership   and   has   been renovated giving it a   5-star rating. Interesting variety of plants for sale in the well-stocked nursery. To   book   your   place   phone   Heather   Hayter    on   02392   597103    and   send   a   cheque   made   payable   to   EHS and dated day of trip to 64 Sunderton Lane, Clanfield, PO8 0NT
New Forest Gardens - Monday 13th August 2018.  Cost £29 .
HOW TO BOOK A TRIP. 1. Phone or email the trip organiser to check availability. 2. Date your cheque for the day of the trip and make it payable to EHS. 3. Send / deliver it to the trip organiser within a week of booking your place. 4. If you are not on Email please enclose a  S.A.E. 21 cm by 8 cm for THE ITINERARY FOR THE DAY.       This will be sent out approx 2 weeks before the trip  (emailers.  Make a note in your diary to keep an eye out for it.)                              
Fully Booked
Next   years   away   trip   will   be   to   the   glorious   gardens   of   Yorkshire   in   June   2019   for   4   days   3   nights   visiting Burton   Agnes   Hall   and   Gardens,   Driffield,   and   Scampston   house   and   walled   garden,   Malton,   which   was designed by Piet Oudolf the great Dutch designer. Ideas for other gardens welcome especially the smaller private ones such as those that open for the NGS. To   express   an   interest   with   no   commitment   please   email   or   phone   me.   The   Itinerary   will   be   sent   out   at   the end   of   October.   If   the   date,   itinerary   and   cost   suit   you   then   send   in   the   enclosed   booking   form   and   the deposit to secure your place.   Do hope you will join us. Angela Baldry  ( Away trips Organiser ) angel.b42@btinternet.com     Tel: 01243  372253
GLORIOUS GARDENS OF YORKSHIRE - June 2019 - 4 days 3 nights
Our   visit   to   Oxford   will   start   with   a   guided   tour   of   the   University   Botanic   Garden   which   is   beautifully   sited on   the   the   banks   of   the   Cherwell   River.      There   are   two   magnificent   glasshouses   as   well   as   formal herbaceous   beds   and   natural   wildflower   plantings.   The   tour   will   last   an   hour   and,   I   understand,   we   will   be split into 3 groups to enable everyone to get maximum interest from the expertise of the guides. Oxford   is   full   of   architectural   gems   and   Magdalen   is   definitely   one   of   the   grandest.      It   is   situated   just   across the   road   from   the   Botanic   Garden,   and   everyone   will   be   given   a   pamphlet   to   self   guide   road   the   gardens, through the courts and cloisters, visit the chapel and, if wished a walk along the river. There   will   be   approximately   2   hours   for   you   to   explore   on   your   own   other   areas   and   Colleges   of   the   City and   we   have   easy   to   follow   maps   to   hand   out.      Alternatively,   you   can   spend   longer   in   either   of   the   two principal venues. There   are   about   a   dozen   seats   still   available   on   the   coach,   so   if   you   are   interested   in   coming   on   this   trip please   email   < dugoutgardens@gmail.com >   or   phone   01243   370263   and   we'll   get   back   to   you   as   soon as we hear from you.  Sally and Doug Outram
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