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EHS outing on Wednesday July 18 2018 to two amazing gardens:
Caster’s   Brook,   The   Garden   of   Philip   Jackson   world   renowned   sculptor   in   Cocking   near Midhurst   West   Sussex;   Garden   open   in   an   annual   event   for   charity,   the   Murray   Downland Trust. Dean   House   in   Kilmeston   near   Alresford,   owned   by   the   Gwyn   family,   open   regularly   under the NGS scheme; Head Gardener, Julian Blackwell. A full coach-load enjoyed a relaxed and eventful outing thanks to Annette Wood’s excellent organisation. Philip   Jackson’s   garden   is   designed   on   an   artfully   terraced   steep   slope   down   to   a   small   lake.   The   planting   is based   on   achieving   a   ‘natural’   wild-flower   appearance   with   willows,   willow   herbs   and   umbellifers   surrounding   the lake   plus   parterres,   a   kitchen   garden   and   a   ‘Japanese   Style’   area.   Mr   Jackson   gave   us   an   introductory   talk   to   his sculpture   in   his   workshop   using   a   slide   show,   large   photographs,   casts   and   maquettes.   He   divides   his   work   into two   main   types:   monumental   work   such   as   the   Bomber   Command   memorial   in   Green   Park   and   more   personal ‘gallery’   sculptures,   often   based   on   the   Viennese   carnival   costumes   some   seen   in   dramatic   positions   in   the garden. Jean Jackson provided home-made cakes and tea, which were served by their son in a small marquee. At   lunchtime   we   were   let   loose   for   an   hour   and   a   half   in   Alresford.   Enough   of   us   had   been   there   before   to   enable everyone to find somewhere to eat. Dean   House   is   only   a   twenty   minute   ride   away.   Julian   Blackwell,   the   head   gardener   gave   us   an   introductory   talk to    this    magnificent    7    acres    with    its    broad    sweep    of    lawns,    herbaceous    and    mixed    borders,    well    stocked glasshouses,   symmetrical   Pond   Garden,   60   metre   Wisteria   tunnel   walk   and   fully   operational   walled   kitchen garden.   Afterwards   we   were   treated   to   a   full   cream   tea   and   cakes   back   in   the   orangery   and   a   twenty   minute question and answer session with the garden staff.
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