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Last Updated 01st October 2019

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Emsworth Horticultural Society
News from the Hut, Autumn 2019 Colin Beale has now taken over as Stock Manager from Suzanne Holroyd. Thank you, Suzanne, for all your hard work over the many years and thanks to Colin for volunteering. Richard Suter has taken over the seed potato and onion co-ordination and seed ordering from Shirley Batterly. Thanks also to Shirley. Seed Catalogues The Seed Catalogues are now in and await your orders. Please let us have these orders by 19 January 2020. As in previous years seed ordered through the E.H.S will receive a discount of up to 40% available as a voucher to be spent at the Hut, very useful! Autumn Planting Orders have now been placed for - Broad Beans - "Aquadulce Claudia" Onion Sets - "Radar" and "Electric" (red) Garlic Sets - "Marco" Prices will be kept as low as possible, thanks to your continued support. The above items will be delivered by the end of the month, so now is the time to prepare your beds for Autumn planting while the soil is still warm. Spring Planting Seed potatoes are on order for delivery in mid February for planting in late March/early April. Weather permitting. Varieties on order are - First early - "Lady Christi" (1996) waxy flesh - for boiling and salad "Casablanca" (2009) blight/eelworm resistant. Floury, all round kitchen use. Second early - "Kestrel" (1992) Resistance to blackleg/slugs. Floury/general use. "Charlotte" (1981) Blackleg resistant. Waxy salad potato. Main Crop - "Desiree" (1962) Good waxy potato/bake/roast/mash. If you wish to reserve your seed potatoes add your name and requirements to the list at the Hut prior to February 2020. Onions and Shallots will also be available at the Hut for Spring planting - information to follow. Be prepared, take advantage of the warm October conditions and get your vegetable plots ready. NOTE: The Hut will be closed during the month of December 2019 and will be re-opened 5 th January 2020. Working Party Without volunteers the Hut cannot operate. The Society is seeking a Working Party to undertake simple tasks at the Hut on Saturday 7 December 2019 at 10.00am - 12 noon. Please volunteer and help your Society maintain the valuable trading Hut. Just turn up on the morning or contact Colin Beale for further details. Hut Rota 2020 - (Washington Road Allotments) The Society is always looking for new volunteers to undertake two hour shifts once in an 8 week period to help Members with their orders. It is a chance to meet and greet other Members and exchange useful information, advice and experiences. Contact: Lyn Davies. Richard Suter (Committee Member)
Seed Potato Information
Tuber Characteristics
Cooking Qualities
Other Comments
Lady Christl First Early AGM
Pale yellow skin and flesh, oval, medium sized tubers
Waxy / creamy
Boiling new potato, good flavour
Ready to harvest 10-13 weeks after planting. High yield.
Charlotte Second early salad
Long yellow skin with yellow flesh
Firm / waxy
Boiling salad potato, good taste
A favourite amongst EHS members
Desiree Early Main Crop
Oval tubers with red skin and firm pale yellow flesh
Firm / flowery
Boiling, frying, chipping, baking, mashing roasting
Heavy cropping. Good draught resistance.
Nicola Salad Second early
Long, waxy, oval-shaped tubers, light yellow flesh, thin light brown skin
Boiling. Ideal for salads. Excellent flavour
Resistant to scab and eelworm. Suitable for patio growing.
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