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Last Updated 11th January 2021

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Winter 2021 Hut update .
Onion sets .
Variety Type Key Features Stuttgart (AGM)*  Semi-flat Firm texture, golden skin colour   Round Hercules (AGM)*  Red Baron(AGM)* Flattish round Red skinned  Strong flavour.  Resistant to bolting, stores well.  Excellent cropper, good keeper.  Attractive in salads  Shallot Bistro Round Each bulb produces several shallots with a similar but milder flavour than onions.
* A ward of G arden M erit awarded by the Royal Horticultural Society
Bagged composts and fertilisers. All our composts and fertilisers are kept under cover, unlike many local garden centres. This means that they won’t be overly wet and will be easier to handle. Richard Suter, our stock manager, is aiming to increase the range of organic and sustainable (such as peat free composts) products. Our new stock includes: Farmyard Manure @ £4.50 and Peat- free vegetable compost @£5.50 a bag. Which fertilisers to apply in early spring. There’s no point in applying fertiliser when plants aren’t growing actively, but slow release organic fertilisers can be used in early spring in preparation for growing vegetable crops. For this purpose we stock Poultry manure pellets and Fish, Blood and Bone. At the Hut we have leaflets to guide you in the use of fertilisers, both organic and inorganic.
The new look EHS Hut -- Photo courtesy of Colin Beale
Variety Type Key Features Lady Christl (AGM)* 1st early Ultra early harvest 8 weeks after planting.  Good disease resistance. Good to boil, steam or sautee.  2nd early Kestrel  Charlotte (AGM)* 2nd early and salad  Good disease resistance, good for exhibition, chips and roasting Reliable, waxy salad variety.  Good flavour, boiled and in salads. Desiree (AGM)* Maincrop Good for chips and roasting, general purpose potato. Maincrop Maris Piper Red skinned waxy potato. Good for exhibition. Very drought resistant, heavy cropping general purpose  potato *Award of Garden Merit awarded by the Royal Horticultural Society
Distribution Hut Given the current government 'stay at home' guidance we do not feel that we can open the Distribution Hut in January as planned. At the time of writing, we are unsure when we will be able to open, but it will not be until sometime in February at the earliest. We will send an email with an update during February. Hopefully, by then, we will have a firm date for opening. In the meantime, we are busy restocking the hut so that we have what you will need for the new season ahead. For those who have a Kings seed order, we will contact you individually to arrange for collection of your order. These will be available beginning February with 40% of costs returned as voucher to spend at the Hut. We are due to have our seed potatoes delivered to us by early February, so we will also update you, via email, regarding these and other seasonal items. The new stock available in the Hut in February 2021 is as follows: SEED POTATOES: 1st early - Lady Christl, Casablanca 2nd early - Kestrel, Charlotte Main - Maris Piper, Desiree ONION SETS: Stuttgart, Hercules, Red Baron (available heat treated in March) SHALLOTS: Bistro PRICES: all Potatoes 10p each, Onions sets 5p each & Shallots 20p each New items available: 50 litre bag Farmyard Manure @ £4.50 (organic) 50 litre bag Vegetable Compost @ £5.50 (peat free and organic) 40 litre bag Ericaceous Compost @ £4.00 5kg bag Potting Grit @ £2.50 1.2 metre Tree Stakes @ £2.50 75 litre bag Mini chipped bark @ £7.00
Seed Potatoes
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