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Last Updated 07th June 2021

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Emsworth Horticultural Society
Early Summer 2021 Update from The Hut .
The new look EHS Hut -- Photo courtesy of Colin Beale
Bagged composts and fertilisers. All our composts and fertilisers are kept under cover, unlike many local garden centres. This means that they won’t be overly wet and will be easier to handle. Richard Suter, our stock manager, is aiming to increase the range of organic and sustainable (such as peat free composts) products. Our new stock includes: Farmyard Manure @ £4.50 and Peat-free vegetable compost @£5.50 a bag
Opening Hours 2021 Every Sunday - 10 - 12 noon apart from August 29th and December early January. The hut will re-open on Sunday 9th January 2022
A successful EHS Plant Sale at the Hut on 9th May 2021
We are having problems with getting some items, for example 8 ft canes, John Innes composts and growbags. However we do have: Various potting composts , with and without peat, including one which has added John Innes compost (which I take to mean it contains some soil/loam). Things to add to compost to suit whatever you are using it for. New in is top soil which is good to add to peat-free composts to give it more body and water holding capacity. We also have horticultural sands and grits as well as vermiculite and perlite. Fertilisers. To add to compost in pots and hanging baskets, the slow release Sincrocell pellets are very useful and easy to use. The seaweed based Maxicrop is diluted and watered on, a good choice for dry weather. Netting . Different types for different purposes – protection or supporting climbing plants. And much more ! Do come and have a look round. We’re wearing masks and keeping our distance, but have eased up on the number of people allowed in the hut at one time. Please bring cash or your cheque book.
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The Hut