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Last Updated 06th December 2017

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Available now: Japanese   onion   sets,   variety   Shensyu .      Plant   them   in   September   if   you   can,   or   October.   They   will   overwinter   and give you an early crop next summer. Broad   beans,   variety   Aquadulce.             A   very   hardy   variety,   sown   in   October/November   should   overwinter   and produce an early crop. For covering bare earth , Mypex woven plastic textile is very popular.  It comes in 2m and 1m widths. To insulate your greenhouse , bubble wrap , 2m wide.  Clips also available. For winter pots, a range of composts and soil conditioners . Coming soon: Garlic,   variety   Early   Solent   Wight.      This   variety   cropped   well   this   year.      Plant   from   October   to   January,   the   earlier the better. King’s   seed   catalogue    will   be   available   from   the   hut   in   early   October.      If   you   order   their   excellent   seeds   through   us you will get a discount, up to 40% if we get enough orders.  This will be in the form of a voucher to spend at the hut.
Get Ready for Winter at The HUT
40% reduction on seeds ordered through the EHS Seed   catalogues   for   King’s   Seeds   are   available   at   the   Hut now.         If   you   order   your   seeds   through   the   EHS   you   will get   a   40%   refund   on   the   price   you   pay   in   the   form   of   a voucher   to   spend   at   the   hut   –   just   in   time   to   buy   seed potatoes,    onion    sets    and    shallots.        Seed    order    forms have to be returned to the hut by January 21st 2018.
Seed   Potatoes   are   on   order   for   delivery   in   mid-February.      They   can   then   be   chitted   and   planted   in   late   March   early April assuming that the soil will be warm enough then.  The following varieties are on order: Lady Christl Charlotte Nicola (second early) Desiree We are not ordering Maris Piper this year as we had a lot left which had to go to the tip. The reservation list will be available in the hut in due course. Garlic for autumn sowing is now available in the hut; as are Japanese onion sets for over wintering. We   have   good   stocks   of   fleece,   bubble   wrap   and   Mypex   (two   widths)   to   protect   plants   and   soil   over   the   winter.     Remember   the   dry   fertilisers   that   come   in   1kg   and   3kg   bags   are   very   competitive   prices   compared   to   garden centres. The hut will be closed either side of Christmas, the volunteers need a break and very little is going on in horticulture at that time. Suzanne Holroyd
The HUT - Updates
Seed Potato Information Variety Tuber Characteristics Texture Cooking Qualities Blight Other Comments Lady Christl First Early AGM Pale yellow skin and flesh, oval, medium sized tubers Waxy / creamy Boiling new potato, good flavour Moderate Ready to harvest 10-13 weeks after planting. High yield. Charlotte Second early salad Long yellow skin with yellow flesh Firm / waxy Boiling salad potato, good taste Moderate A favourite amongst EHS members Desiree Early Main  Crop Oval tubers with red skin  and firm pale yellow flesh Firm / flowery Boiling, frying, chipping, baking, mashing roasting Moderate Heavy cropping. Good draught resistance. Maris Piper Main Crop Creamy white flesh, rarely discolours on cooking. Oven tubers Floury Chipping, roasting and general purpose Fair High yielding, keeps well. Very versatile. Maris Piper Charlotte Desiree
Please Note: The   distribution   Hut   is   closed   for Christmas    Holidays    and    will    re- open   on   Sunday   7th   January   fully restocked.
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