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Last Updated 17th February 2018

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Get Ready for Spring at The HUT
Seed Potatoes have arrived and are ready for collection . They can then be chitted and planted in late March early April assuming that the soil will be warm enough then.  The following varieties of seed potato are available: Lady Christl Nicola Desiree CHARLOTTE has SOLD OUT (apart from pre-orders) We   have   good   stocks   of   fleece,   bubble   wrap   and   Mypex   (two widths)   to   protect   plants   and   soil   over   the   winter.      Remember the   dry   fertilisers   that   come   in   1kg   and   3kg   bags   are   very competitive prices compared to garden centres. Suzanne Holroyd
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Buy    your    seed    potatoes,    onion    sets,    shallots    and    broad beans from the Hut . This   year   we   have   four   potato   varieties   to   choose   from:   Lady Christl,   a   first   early;   Charlotte,   a   second   early   and   salad   potato; Nicola,    a    good    flavoured    new/salad    potato    and    Romano,    a maincrop   potato.      They   are   grown   by   Scottish   farmers   and   are virus   free.      We   sell   them   by   the   tuber,   so   you   can   buy   the number you require. The   onion   set   varieties   on   order   are:   Hercules,   Stuttgart   and Red   Baron .   The   shallots   are   Golden   Gourmet .      The   broad beans are the hardy Aquadulce . For    more    information    about    these    varieties    please    visit    our website   or   come   to   the   Hut   on   Sunday   mornings   from   10am   to 12noon.  Email any queries to: emshorticultural@gmail.com Lyn Davies
The Emsworth Horticultural Society
Seed Potato Information Variety Tuber Characteristics Texture Cooking Qualities Blight Other Comments Lady Christl First Early AGM Pale yellow skin and flesh, oval, medium sized tubers Waxy / creamy Boiling new potato, good flavour Moderate Ready to harvest 10-13 weeks after planting. High yield. Charlotte Second early salad Long yellow skin with yellow flesh Firm / waxy Boiling salad potato, good taste Moderate A favourite amongst EHS members Desiree Early Main  Crop Oval tubers with red skin  and firm pale yellow flesh Firm / flowery Boiling, frying, chipping, baking, mashing roasting Moderate Heavy cropping. Good draught resistance. Nicola Salad Second early Long, waxy, oval-shaped tubers,  light yellow flesh,  thin light brown skin Nicola Charlotte Desiree Waxy Boiling.  Ideal for salads.   Excellent flavour Fair Resistant to scab  and eelworm.  Suitable for  patio growing. Hut Update The following varieties of seed potato are available: Lady Christl Nicola Desiree CHARLOTTE has SOLD OUT (apart from pre-orders) Shallots and onion sets are on sale for 50 pence for 100g, and broad beans at 90 pence per 100g.
Nicola Wonderful taste, one of the best new potatoes Excellent    boiled    and    served    hot    or    cold    in salads.  Waxy texture. Heavy yielding, stores well through summer One of Sarah Raven’s favourites Plant April/May, harvest June/July                    Or One   of   the   best   potatoes   for   summer   planting   refrigerate   until   mid-summer   to   stop   sprouting and    then    plant.        Harvest    from    mid-October onwards.
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