Small Ads

This Small Ads web page is for the benefit of EHS members who can advertise “For Sale” or “Wanted” garden related   items . This service is for members only. Your membership number will be required before the item is placed on the web. The ad will be placed as worded including contact details as supplied. EHS   WILL   NOT   be responsible   for   the   content   or   be   liable   for   misrepresentation   by   the   seller . The seller must notify the webmaster when the item is sold. In either case, the small ad will be removed from the web at the end of 4 weeks. Please email your small ad details to the Webmaster (Click Here).
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Emsworth Horticultural Society
Last Updated 08th May 2020
You   can   use   the   small   ads   page   on   this   website   to   offer   surplus   plants   to   others.   Remember to use social distancing and leave plants by your gate for collection. Please let me know when your request has been satisfied, so that I can remove the small ad. (This is to stop you receiving unnecessary communication.)
Plants for sale
Updated 08th May 2020
I now have cabbage plants, purple sprouting, celery and Lola Rosa lettuce plants for sale at six for 75p. I also have aubergines, sweet peppers and various varieties of tomato plants for sale at £1 each. Although I live in Waterlooville I volunteer at Tuppenny Barn on the edge of Emsworth each Tuesday and Thursday so I could bring plants to the allotment site in Emsworth if required. Thank you and happy growing Steve Driver tel 02392 259236