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Updated 13th October 2018
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Science for the Gardner
May   I   introduce   myself   –   my   name   is   Tony   Arnold,   and   I   am   a   retired   science   teacher with   a   passion   for   gardening.   Since   moving   to   Somerset   five   years   ago,   I   have   been   a keen member of the Tatworth & District Horticultural Society. I   truly   believe   a   little   science   knowledge   can   help   create   a   greener,   more   successful garden.      Gardening   becomes   much   more   interesting   and   ultimately   satisfying   when   you understand   how   and   why   science   affects   your   garden   and   what   you   can   do   to   help   make your plants flourish. And   so   I   wrote   the   book   -   Science   for   the   Gardener   -   to   spread   the   word.      Definitely   not   a text book, but an easy and enjoyable read for gardeners everywhere. Science   for   the   Gardener   is   informative,   fun   and   quirky   –   a   light   hearted   gardening   guide to   the   science   of   what’s   happening   both   above   and   below   your   soil.      With   colourful   pictures,   explanatory diagrams   and   a   cartoon   or   two   for   good   measure,   it   is   a   book   I   believe   you   will   find   difficult   to   put   down,   and   one which I am sure you will want to return to time and time again. Science   for   the   Gardener   has   something   for   everyone.      From   the   evolution   of   plant   life   to   plants   that   feed   the world,   plants   for   industrial   use   and   advances   in   medicine.         The   importance   of   soil   for   plants   and   then   again   how plants   can   be   grown   without   soil.      Plant   adaptation,   plant   hormones,   reproduction   and   growth,   simple   genetics and lots more intriguing horticultural information. The   final   thought-provoking   chapter   debates   the   leading   issues   facing   an   ever   increasing   world   population   and the sustainability of natural resources.  Plants can live without man, but man cannot survive without plants. Prof. Owen Doyle, President of the Chartered Institute of Horticulture says:   “With   a   relaxed   conversational   style   Tony   provides   a   glimpse   of   the   complex   world   of   plants   and   our   relationship with them, sowing the seeds that hopefully will germinate an interest in the sciences that influence gardening”. Take   a   look   for   yourself.      Science   for   the   Gardener   -   available   now   via   my   website,   from   Amazon   and   other leading book distributors and all good bookshops.  Thank   you   for   reading   my   email   -   I   should   be   very   grateful   if   you   would   share   it   with   your   club   members.      Please let me know if you do not wish to receive further emails. Tony Arnold MCI Hort                                                    ‘A fascinating read’    Wordery                                                          ‘Simple but in depth.  It has a fun element to it.’    Amazon ‘Wonderful little book’   Amazon   ‘Fantastic little book.  Would highly recommend’  Amazon                                                                                         P.S.  It would make a great Christmas gift.