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Garden Trips 2019

This   year   we   start   in   March,   earlier   than   usual,   visiting   a   delightful   garden famous   for   its   amazing   collection   of   Hellebores,   organised   by   Angela Armstrong. The   rest   of   the   team,      Heather   Hayter,   Gill   Sadler,   Jan   Morgan,   Sally Outram      and   Annette   Wood   have   all   worked   hard   planning      a   wonderful day out for you all at cost price. Do support them.
Updated 13th August 2018
Angela Baldry 01243 372253 Away Trips Organiser and Day trips Co-ordinator Email: angel.b42@btinternet.com
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Please Note: These events are organised for the benefit of EHS members. If you want to participate, why not join EHS, its only £7 per annum for the household
HOW TO BOOK A TRIP. 1. Phone or email the trip organiser to check availability. 2. Date your cheque for the day of the trip and make it payable to EHS. 3. Send / deliver it to the trip organiser within a week of booking your place. 4. If you are not on Email please enclose a  S.A.E. 21 cm by 8 cm for THE ITINERARY FOR THE DAY.       This will be sent out approx 2 weeks before the trip  (emailers.  Make a note in your diary to keep an eye out for it.)                              
Next   years   away   trip   will   be   to   the   glorious   gardens   of   Yorkshire   in   June   2019   for   4   days   3   nights visiting   Burton   Agnes   Hall   and   Gardens,   Driffield,   and   Scampston   house   and   walled   garden,   Malton, which was designed by Piet Oudolf the great Dutch designer. Ideas   for   other   gardens   welcome   especially   the   smaller   private   ones   such   as   those   that   open   for   the NGS. To   express   an   interest   with   no   commitment   please   email   or   phone   me.   The   Itinerary   will   be   sent   out at   the   end   of   October.   If   the   date,   itinerary   and   cost   suit   you   then   send   in   the   enclosed   booking   form and the deposit to secure your place.   Do hope you will join us. Angela Baldry  ( Away trips Organiser ) angel.b42@btinternet.com     Tel: 01243  372253
GLORIOUS GARDENS OF YORKSHIRE - June 2019 - 4 days 3 nights
Emsworth Horticultural Society
AS   A   CELEBRATION   FOR   WINNING         The   best   cruise   liner   for   groups   awards “      Cruise   Maritime   have sent   me   details   of   a   BUY   ONE   GET   ONE   FREE   offer   of   a   spring   cruise   on   12th   to   19th   April   2019   sailing from Bristol on the Marco Polo. We   explore   the   cobbled   streets   of   Honfleur,   The   Tresco   Abbey   gardens   on   the   Scillies,   the   floral   delights   of Guernsey,   cruise   the   beautiful   River   Seine,   visit   Monet’s   garden   at   Giverney,   and   explore   the   Gothic Architecture of Rouen. Prices   vary   according   to   what   cabins   are   available..An   interior   cabin   is   £1259   for   2,      an   exterior   cabin   with a porthole is £1439 or with a window £1679, all for 2 people. This   offer   is   only   available   until   the   31st   July   and   is   for   a   minimum   group   of   12   people.      TIME   IS SHORT!!!!         If   you   are   interested   phone   and   leave   a   message   or   email   me   by   FRIDAY   27TH   JULY.      I am away until the 27th  July but will deal with it all that weekend. Extras will be the cost of getting to Bristol which I will arrange and entrance to the gardens you wish to visit. It sounds a really lovely itinerary so do come with me. Angela Baldry Away Trips Organiser   Tel  01243   372253  
Special Offer: A spring Cruise 12th to 19th April 2019
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