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Updated 23rd June 2021

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Emsworth Horticultural Society
Welcome to the EHS Horticultural Marquee at the Emsworth Show. You may find a few changes to the schedule this year as we have a change of personnel. We hope you enjoy it - Good Luck! The entry forms will be available on this web page in May. Should you have any questions, please contact ehschair@outlook.com
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Click HERE to view the document in PDF Format The Marquee timetable timings may be subject to minor change on Show Day.
Please Note :
Plant Sale at Emsworth Show
Please contact me if you are donating plants for the Show, to be collected from you, delivered to me or to the show ground on Sun. 29 Aug. or Mon. 30 Aug. We would particularly welcome unusual items - with a name label please. Thank you
Patricia Williamson Tel: 01243 378 560 email: p.ivy@tiscali.co.uk
As well as being on our website, the Marquee Schedule 2021 is now available as a hard copy. It may be picked up from the Hut, Bookends in Emsworth High Street, and the libraries in Emsworth, Southbourne and Havant. There’s a huge range of classes for all age groups and the more who enter, the better the show will be so do have a go and don’t forget the novices classes if you’ve never entered before. If you need guidance about exhibiting fruit, vegetables and, the RHS Horticultural Show Handbook can be borrowed from the Hut in return for a deposit and your signature. Volunteers – we need you! Thank you to the people who have already volunteered. We need more of you – as follows. We are in desperate need of one or two people to organise the cups and other awards. The key tasks are setting up a display in the morning before the Show opens, completing a chart showing who has won each award, and assisting the person who is presenting the prizes during the prize giving. Setting up the marquee on Friday   27 th   August   5   –   7pm . Four people capable of lifting needed to put up and positioning tables inside the marquee. Dressing tables on Saturday   28 th   August   10am   –   1pm . Four people to cover the tables, measure and mark the class spaces, and place all necessary items on the tables. Putting up signs, chairs, and gazebos and generally preparing the marquee and gazebos on Saturday 28 th August 10am – 1pm. Six people needed. Door stewards on Monday   30 th   August   9am   –   4.15pm. Eight people needed to work in hourly shifts. Marquee stewards on Monday 30 th August 12 4.30pm. Four people needed to work in one hour shifts. LAST BUT NOT LEAST!! Clearing the tables on Monday   30 th   August   4.30   –   6pm . Six people at least the more the merrier to get it done quickly. Fold up and stack tables on Tuesday 31 st August . Four people needed. Please let Lyn Davies know if you want to help out with any of these tasks by emailing emshorticultural@gmail.com asap. Plant   Stall. The money raised by the sale of plants goes towards the expense of putting on the Marquee competitions. Lyn Davies
The Horticultural Marquee at Emsworth Show.
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